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Make your trip easier

Dealing with the legal system can get confusing and complicated, which can add unneeded stress to your life. Make your trip down to First Advantage Bail Bonds easier by viewing our forms beforehand.


Not only can you view the forms, but you can also download and fill them out too, with the Adobe Reader program.

Give us the forms at your convenience

It's up to you how you want us to receive the forms. For your convenience, you can either fax them to us at 713-847-9902 or bring them into the office when you come see our bondsmen.

Forms to download

Get a helping hand

As stated above, the legal process can be confusing and scary. You'll get help through every step of the process and if you have any questions, you can turn to our helpful info section, FAQs or give us a call if those don't answer your questions!

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