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Straightforward approach

First Advantage Bail Bonds is a completely professional bonding company that uses absolutely no gimmicks when it comes to your bonding needs. Legal trouble is no small matter, so we're here to help in any way.


We're also conveniently located just minutes away from county and city jails so you don't have to run all around town.

Get discretion for your cases

If you're worried about friends or family finding out about your night in jail, put those thoughts to rest. Our skilled staff can handle your cases discreetly and post your bond, all without anyone knowing unless you want them to.

Some of our bonding services

• Appeal bonds / appearance bonds

• Bail information

• Non-arrest bonds

• Traffic, misdemeanor or felony bonds

Avoid further trouble

If you or your loved ones have a troubled history with the law, we can help you stay out of more trouble. You can get information or verification of open warrants for FREE and even get notary services!

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